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Duchy of Naxos

Duchy of Naxos coat of arms.

Greek: Δουκατον Ναξου What: A state in the Aegean Sea from the 13th century to the 16th century. Empire: Republic of Venice Duchy established: 1207 Fell to the Ottomans: 1579 The Venetians have long had their eyes on the islands of the Aegean Sea during the 12th and early 13th centuries. The strength of particularly one island, Naxos, meant a richer …

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East-West Schism

Pope Benedict XVI and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I
standing on the balcony of the Ecumenical Patriarchate
in Istanbul in 2006.

Greek: Σχισμα του 1054 What: The division of Chalcedonian Christianity into the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. Year: 1054 Pope of Rome in 1054: Leo IX Patriarch of Constantinople in 1054: Michael Cerularius The East-West Schism (sometimes referred to as the Great Schism) of 1054 involved Christianity dividing into Eastern (Greek) and Western (Latin) branches that would later form the Eastern …

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Constantine XI

Constantine XI during the
seige of Constantinople.

Greek: Κωνσταντινος XI Who: The last Byzantine Emperor. Born: 1405 Died: 1453 (48 years of age) Place of birth: Constantinople Constantine XI Palaiologos was the last reigning Byzantine Emperor. He was born in Constantinople and his mother was the daughter of the Serbian prince Constantine Dragas. He became the despot (tyrant) of Morea (the medieval name for the Peloponnese) in 1443 living at the …

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Saint Nicholas

St. Nicholas, 1294 from Lipnya Church
of St. Nicholas in Novgorod, Aleksa.

Greek: Αγιος Νικολαος Who: Saint Nicholas was a 4th-century Christian saint and Greek Bishop of Myra. Born: 270 Died: 343 (73 years old) Lived: Myra, Lycia (modern day Turkey) Name Day: December 6 Saint Nicholas was a Greek Bishop of Myra, Lycia and is the patron saint of all of Greece, now associated with the festival of Christmas. Thousands of churches are dedicated to …

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Constantinople (1422) by Cristoforo Buondelmonti.

Greek: Κωνσταντινουπολις What: Constantinople was the capital city of the Roman, Byzantine, Latin, and the Ottoman empires. Founded: 11 May, 330 Fell: May 29, 1453 Current name: Istanbul Languages: Koine Greek Religion: Christianity and later Eastern Orthodox Constantinople (sometimes referred to as “New Rome”) was founded by Constantine I on the ancient Greek city of Byzantine (where the Byzantine Empire gets its’ name from) in …

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