Phillip II of Macedon

Greek: Φιλιππος
Who: Was a Greek King of Macedon from 359BC to 336BC.
Born: 382 B.C.
Died: 336 B.C. (46 years old)
Place of birth: Aigai, Macedonia
Field: King of Macedon of the Argead Dynasty

King Philip II of Macedon.

King Philip II of Macedon.

Philip II was a Greek king of Macedon from 359 BC until his death in 336 BC. Philip was the youngest son of the king Amyntas III. In his youth, Philip was held as a hostage in Thebes, which was the leading city of Greece at the time. While in Thebes Philip received a military and diplomatic education from Epaminondas, a Theban general and statesman. In 364 BC, Philip returned to Macedon and would take the throne in 359 B.C. after the deaths of Philip’s elder brothers, King Alexander II and Perdiccas III.

Once he was King, Philip would use his military skills to expand the territory of Macedonia. He increased the borders of Macedonia by conquering parts of Illyria, Thessaly, Chalkidiki, parts of Thrace, Thebes and Athens. During the siege of Methone in 355-354 B.C. he lost an eye and in the seige of Ardiaioi he was seriously wounded in his right leg. Philip had six children and as many as seven wives, the most important of which was Olympias, who was a princess from Epirus. They married in 357 B.C. and a year later gave birth to Alexander III (Alexander the Great), the future King of Macedonia.

In 337 B.C. Philip created and led the League of Corinth (also known as the Hellenic League) that was comprised of all the Greek-city states, except for Sparta. Members of the league promised never to wage war against each other, unless it was to suppress revolution, and also agreed that peace must exist among all Greek city-states. It was here that they planned to invade the Persian Empire and Philip was elected as the leader of that army.

Before Philip could realize his dream of invading the Persian Empire he was assassinated in 336 BC. The murder happened in October at Aigai, the capital of the kingdom of Macedon. The court of Macedonia had gathered to celebrate the marriage between Alexander I of Eprius and Cleopatra, the daughter of Philip and Olmypias. Philip entered the town’s theatre unprotected and was killed by Pausanias of Orestis, one of his seven bodyguards. The assassin was immediately killed afterwards. There is still no concrete answer as to why Pausanias assassinated Philip but the contemporary account is that he was offended by the followers of Attalus, the king’s father-in-law.

Sacrific. Life and death of the Macedonian King Phillip II:

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