The Greek Islands

Greek: Ελληνικα Νησια
Numbers of Islands: over 5,000
Islands with more than 100 inhabitants: 78
Largest Island: Crete

Map of the Greek Islands.

Map of the Greek Islands.

The Greek Islands are a collection of over 5,000 islands and islets that belong to Greece. Only 227 of the islands are inhabited, and only 78 of those have more than 100 inhabitants. The largest Greek island by area is Crete at 8,336 km located in the southern Aegean. The Greek islands have become a popular travel destination for touristslooking to take in the Greek sun and sea with Mykonos and Santorini as the most frequently visited islands.

There are eight groups of Greek islands (see picture): The Ionian Islands on the West coast of Greece. The Crete and Kitheria Islands in the Southern Aegean. The Cycladic Islands located in the central area of the Aegean meaning “circle” in Greek and named so in ancient times for the islands surrounding Delos. The Dodekanesse islands meaning “12 islands” in Greece although there are really 20 islands. The East Aegean islands just off the coast of Turkey. The Saronic Islands located just off the Greek mainland. The Sporades islands meaning “scattered” in Greek and finally the Northern Aegean Islands. These different groups of islands are all unique in their own way and are what make up the Greek islands.

Best Greek Islands for:

  • Beaches:Naxos, Mykonos and Thassos
  • Main Town:Mykonos and Santorini
  • View:Santorini
  • Sightseeing:Crete and Rhodes
  • Nightlife:Mykonos, Corfu, Ios and Zakinthos
  • Harbour:Symi
  • Classical Site:Delos
  • Peace and Quite:Many to be found
  • Food:All of them

Greek Odyssey: The Greek Islands:

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