Welcome to Plato’s Academy. A blog about everything Greek from the Bronze Age years to the Modern Day years of Greece. Here you will learn about the People, Places, Art, Philosophy, Facts and Quotes of Greece. The purpose of this blog is to educate the Greeks and PhilHellenes on the Greek culture.

The name Plato’s Academy comes from the ancient Greek Academy that was founded by Plato. Founded in 387 B.C. in Athens, Plato’s Academy was a school where philosophers would go to discuss problems to be solved. The Academy was around for over 300 years until Lucius Cornelius Sulla (a Roman General) laid siege to Athens in 86 BC when the Academy was destroyed.

TI hope that you enjoy this blog and take away all that you can from it. There will be 2-3 posts a week and they will be a few paragraphs long in order to keep it short and simple, and may be accompanied by a video, pictures and links.

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